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Magento to IBM Watson Campaign Automation

Developer: Swarming Technology

Magento to IBM Watson Campaign Automation


  • Push abandoned cart and new order events from Magento to IBM Watson Campaign Automation.
  • Cart abandonment and new order events include item-level details.
  • Real-time or scheduled (cron) data synchronization between Magento and IBM Watson Campaign Automation.
  • Magento 1.x and 2.x extension.
  • Easy installation and setup, with optional professional installation.
  • Compatible with Magento 1.7+ and 2.x CE and EE.
  • Customization available for custom event types and data submission to IBM Watson Campaign Automation. Contact us for details.


BUZZI connects a merchant’s Magento Commerce platform to their IBM Watson Campaign Automation email marketing account via UBX (IBM’s Universal Behavioral Exchange), helping online retailers increase their conversion rate.

With BUZZI, you can automatically gather and transmit customer abandon cart as well as the purchased item data. Custom data fields (UBX Specified) are then transmitted from Magento to IBM Watson Campaign Automation or a configurable schedule based on the customer system requirement.

This integration enables automated and personalized emails, triggered by purchase or abandoned cart events within Magento, which help you welcome, convert, thank, retain, upsell, recommend, reward, and win back valuable customers. Our technology enables non-monolithic integration that has little to no strain on the commerce environment and enables real-time or batch integration with IBM UBX.

Simple Integration

  1. Select your Magento environment:
    • Community
    • Enterprise Edition
  2. Download the Magento extension, and then follow the provided installation documentation and video tutorial to complete the configuration.

Please contact Swarming Technology’s support team to setup your API Key for both sandbox and production environments. Swarming Technology will also facilitate the IBM UBX exchange configuration.

That is it! You are done. Within days, Swarming Technology will automatically populate your IBM Watson Campaign Automation account with highly targeted customer segments, so you can send the right e-mail, at the right time, to the right customers.

Behavioral and Product Segmentation

Magento to IBM Watson Campaign Automation integration gives you the ability to segment customers according to products purchased - including brand, category and price - or based on purchase behavior: how often, how much and when. This instant access to customer information is proven to generate increased revenue and save you time.


Please contact our Solution Partner, Swarming Technology, for a quote.

Solution Includes:

  • Magento 1.x and 2.x CE/EE Extension & Updates
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation Connector
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • BUZZI Data Exchange Dashboard
  • Guided Project Kickoff & Technical Consultation
  • Direct Access to Implementation Support Staff
  • Post Go-Live Phone Support (30 Days)
  • Email Support from Swarming Technology


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