BUZZI's Mission

At BUZZI, our focus is to solve the data exchange and management problem posed by the connected world. Our goal is to continually provide a highly efficient data exchange pipeline that allows portals to transport information to business intelligent platforms while giving customers a seamless and positive end-to-end experience.

  • Transparency

    Maintain the transportation pipeline transparency to minimize opportunity for failures.

  • Immutability

    Data Immutability

  • Reliability

    Assure the data transportation reliably.

  • Accessible

    Accessibility of the data to adequately meet current and future needs

ANY-to-ANY Data Exchange Platform

any time Connect
  • Define payload
  • Validate payload
any time Track
  • Track data
  • Fix data
  • Resubmit data (with version control)
any time Access
  • Access data any time
  • Purge data on request
  • Assign data to any endpoint
  • SDK availability to connect to custom endpoints
any time any source to any destination
  • Any source to any destination connectivity
  • One endpoint per engagement
  • Push or pull model
  • Fault tolerance
  • Switch platforms with ease
  • Validate payload
any time Monitoring
  • Monitor data
  • Manage data
  • API’s available for external systems to use the monitoring platform for all your business systems
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